SciCalcWeb : Statistics Calculation via Web

SciCalcWeb allows a peerless integration of complex R/SPS statistical programs with the Internet. Developers can use this tool under GPL license to convert their programs, and Research Institutions can now access their set of statistics tools via Intranet.

This GNU software was originally developed for 'Instituto Astrofisico' in 2003, showing stat analysis via web for a dataset of galaxies detected at four different wavelengths. For this presentation the data has been replaced by a public dataset: the exchange rates of twenty nine foreign currencies against Euro in years 2001 to 2004.

Fig1. The pop-up R or SPS images can now integrate on-line in your Intranet

Fig2. The most complex regression or survival analysis are easily converted to web.

Fig3. A visual web analysis saves very valuable time and effort.

The software is offered under GPL license, with negotiable free consulting for those research institutions to help them expand this Analysis-via-Intranet model. For business and banking, the support services are provided with a consulting fee.

© 2003 SciCalcWeb GPL license