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Hispatel Ingenieros

The Company

Hispatel Ingenieros was founded in 2000 focusing on projects on Telecommunications Infrastructures. The company participated in the European projects of the fifth framework program: NEMO and P2P (Peer to People).

Project Updates

Hispatel recently submitted several new proposals for the sixth framework program of the European Union, and was awarded by national Science and Technology authorities for its telecommunication project proposal. Hispatel is a member of Science QuiproconeII which has been successful in the first round of EU evaluations.

Our and line of business includes from GRID and Network Analysis to Telecom services, having own Protocol equipment leading the state-of-the-art of IP monitors and several Science Data applications.

The People

Founded by telecommunications engineers who participated in key projects for companies like Telefonica and Motorola, in projects from delivering IP protocol stack over own cards and embedded systems to the set-up of 3G and PTT trials.

We count with partners who have been associated professors at prestigious Universities in Spain, and joined Hispatel for managing our telecommunications area projects. These people bring and intensive experience of the state-of-the-art and R&D objectives.

In the Internet field, our senior managers were working in 1991 at the first node of Spain connected to the global network. And have played key roles in national projects: ranging from planning Internet links over satellite to a cutting-edge Voice IP job at Silicon Valley.

Products and Services

Hispatel services focuses on Network and Information technology applied to commercial and science business, and are proud to offer a revolutionary NETWORK ANALYSIS product that allows you to see you network from the big picture to the smallest protocol detail. We cover from turn-key projects to specific support:

Our global projects cover from Middleware and client/Server architectures (oscommerce, grid, voip, apache) to developing mathematical and scientific applications (with experts in languages like R, PHP, or Matlab)

We provide advance network consultanting services, training and architecture design with advanced Cisco and Juniper routers (Cisco GSR, Cisco 7200/7500, uBR7200, 2600/36xx/37xx, AS5300/5800 and Catalyst)

We provide expert UNIX and Linux administration, development, training and design services involving from node farms (Red Hat, Debian, Embedded) to major servers (HP-UX, HP9000, Netra, SUN Enterprise )


Hispatel http://hispatel.es is a private company based in Spain and developing technology and research business in Europe. Please do not hesitate to contact us at your best convenience, you can send us your message by mail or using the form below:

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