Cutting-edge Technology


With the innovative Quantum research and Virtual Labs and automations we are participating actively in research works, involving international organizations and scientific leaders in their research fields. Some are described below:

Ongoing Projects


The 4G technologies, like LTE, bring advantages to wireless providers. Hispatel 4G trials and customer engagements include work on LTE network technology strategies, applications for managing and monitoring LTE functionality, implementations, performance optimization projects, and testings.

Statistical Analysis consulting

Using the SciCalcWeb, originally developed for astrophysics stat studies, any complex R/SPS statistical program can now be integrated with the web. Given the dramatic change of USD/EUR rates, the tool was applied to analysing exchange rates of main foreign currencies against Euro during the last four years.

Virtual Labs

Started with our E-Science work with Perl/Python software for data analysis, and gradually got involved with the Wiki technologies for E-GroupWare and cooperative work and VOs programs sponsored by the European Union (EU).

Tourism Internet Site

Tourism is a key element in developing countries, and our company is leader in the project to create the 'Escape' Tourism site of Venezuela. The new site will cover resorts and sport activities of this holiday and tourist paradise of south Caribe.

Training and Mobility

The mobility of research teams, so common between scientific institutions and universities, has also many benefits in the private industry. We are promoting the exchange of engineers and scientist with Research and Institution.

Previous Projects

UMTS Architecture

One of our UMTS expert engineers was introduced by Norconsul as part of their regional contract negotiation with Saudi Telecom. STC is the strongest company in the region investing in 3G Mobile Technologies.

Science Research

November 2003, Hispatel backed up the industry potential of a candidate presented by Instituto Astrofisico (IAA) before the CSIC (Spanish National Research Agency). Under this I3P program new graduate students perform research in astrophysics and using IT technologies that can be part of future industrial applications.

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We participated in the European projects of the fifth framework program NEMO and P2P (Peer to People). In this project our engineers, already well suited in Internet TCP/IP, developed their skills in the latest technologies of P2P and collaboration tools.

World Year of Physics, Opening at UNESCO

We registered to be in the opening event of the 2005 World Year of Physics at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (jan13-15). The event counted with the participation of Dr. Cohen-Tannoudji (France,Nobel Prize in Physics 1997), Dr. Kroto (United Kingdom,Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996), Dr. t'Hooft (Netherlands,Nobel Prize in Physics 1999), and Dr. Charpak (France,Nobel Prize in Physics 1992)

Disruptive Mobile Telecom

Hispatel participated in the FP6 proposal submitted to the EU framework and proposing an Open Planning Platform for New Wireless Networks, ranging from Wi-Fi to 3G and 4G Mobile. The project was presented in a consortia including partners like Telefonica Spain or Motorola UK and Hispatel was responsible for leading several WorkPackages.

Future Emerging Technologies (FET)

We joined the QuiproconeII proposal submitted as part of the EU framework program VI, and our company is moving pro-actively, since the 2003 evaluation, towards building a new Virtual-network of excellence scientist and organizations working in Quantum Information (QI).

Platform Technologies

Every E-science effort benefits from underlying Mobile and GRID technologies, as the basic platform for virtual research and distributed science. We are putting our Linux, Wifi, Network, and coding experiences to contributes in testbeds like GRID.