Product Detail: A Complete Analysis Platform

The Equipment

This Analysis Platform uses a powerful hardware and runs as a passive element in your lab: capturing on-line data without interfering in your system.

By using industry hardware from Sun, Cisco or Intel, and solid operating systems like UNIX, IOS and Linux, our platform stays solid and stable.

The Integration

When working in a networking or telecommunication lab, our engineers are prepared for working with switches and routers, and working with your IT team can integrate the Analyzer in one to three days.

When integrating scientific instrumentation the integration effort increases, and can take several weeks or months until integrating specific instruments on a complete turn-key project. our customer service will work with you to plan these integrations.

Our integration engineers has experiences integrating scientific instruments like Ocean Magnetometer, Differential GPS position, Fluorimeters, ...

The Interface

  • Enhanced Menus that help you navigate your data files.
  • A Click-and-see usable from anywhere, with just a Web browser.
  • A time flow view of dynamic events. Let you grasp protocols behavior.
  • Graphical view of events versus time, and interactive zoom.

  • In the picture we can see a set of data (in this example, network messages) where every event was recorded with its full data and its exact time.

    The graphical represents two carefully selected bytes of the Data vs. time. There is a different color for every data source (instrument, router, ...).

    In this example, the choosen bytes contains a number that should be increasing with time. This allows an easy identification of any problem in a dataset: If you see a dot out of order you just saved hours, maybe days, of troubleshooting! And this applies to any dataset: from a populated network to a complex instrument).

    NetSee is able to decode over a hundred network and telecommunications protocols.

    For those new protocols, or specific instrument formats, you might need, our engineers can code them for you or train your team on how to construct your own data (or protocol) decoder.

    In this example, the capture infrastructure was able to log a live digital voice conversation in a mobile and network lab . Each one of these messages contains a few milliseconds of voice and speech. Our advance user interface let you examine the systems at many scales: from the whole traffic statistics, to a single data event with all its details.

    A sequential view is critical on any dynamic system, either it is a remote control of a lab instrument or your own telecommunication protocol.

    In our sequential view, you see a flow of messages between all the players in your lab or your system. You can control the events from your instruments, or see who actually triggers a inter-routers communication.

    Customize Graphical views. You can choose what information you want to plot in the Y axis, in this example we are plotting Message Type versus Time.

    By using this Analysis tool, you can examine a complex telecom communication, and quickly grasp what is going on on the system.

    The example shows a SIP communication between a Cisco Phone and a Gateway or SoftSwitch towards a mobile phone.

    Other examples:

  • When analyzing data from an observation, the graphical view can help you identify if there was any problem during the observation time.
  • When a special processing and/or visualization of data is needed, we can integrate your lab instruments and analyzer to complex post-processors and well-known calculus and visualization software like Matlab.