Research Intelligence Platform
Acquisition, Analysis and Presentation

An outstanding data-analysis platform that integrates in your Lab.

Our Analisys system covers from data Acquisition infrastructure to the Web Graphical Interface. Developed originally for telecommunications and networks, has became a very attractive data-analysis platform for Science Research Labs too , both applications are covered here:

Our engineers will integrate the Analyzer equipment in your Science or R&D lab. Our powerful hardware runs as a passive element in your lab, capturing on-line data and saving internally for whenever your team will need it.

You control the system, data acquisition, filters, statistics, etc. from everywhere in your organization with just a Web browser. NetSee has a unique interface that puts our product ahead of any scientific data capturer or sniffer in the market.

The use of open platforms makes our product scalable, and flexible for integrating in specific applications. A UNIX engine and Middle-ware system based in XML and Web allows browsing the network from any computer from Linux to Windows.

NetSee's monitoring principles has been successful in advanced R&D labs, from innovative start-ups at Silicon Valley to SoftSwitch testing at a Multinational , and was in one of the proposals for the European Framework Program.

A Data Analysis Platform used for Protocol Analysis with the Telecom Industry (2) and ready for Instrument Analysis for Science Labs (1).

Telecom & Networks: From Traffic Monitoring to Protocol Analysis.

Our Protocol and Analysis System can boost your network performance, troubleshoot any protocol implementation, or rapidly identify and isolate events for close study.

Beyond the traffic capture, our monitoring and analysis system has a complete infrastructure including from switches to data servers, making NetSee Analyzer a unique system.

The Tool has been used in R&D Labs for protocol development and network prototyping, and is also applicable for auditing operational and office networks. Our system and protocol specialist can provide from support to full-audit services.

  • Browse your R&D events via Web, anywhere in your Intranet
  • Enhanced navigation, via Java menus and XML files
  • Graphical and Statistical view of traffic
  • Flow Visualization of the protocol and message exchange
  • Programmable new protocols, decoding proprietary fields
  • A complete set of protocols: HTTP, H323, SOAP, LDAP, SIP, MGCP, RTP, SNMP, GRID, IPv6, MOIP, GRE, VPN, SMPP ...
  • Our specialists will work with you, with the best customer service.
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